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Student’s Support Programs



Actions at our School

Orientation to future students

The University offers various orientation programs to prospective students: we carry out visits to institutes and secondary schools, we organize guided tours of the Campus, and, at the beginning of each course, we carry out host sessions to guide new students.

Academic Tutoring

Each professor performed, within their educational planning, academic tutoring on his/her subject.

Personalized Tutoring Program

This program aims to improve the learning process of students, helping them to do a correct planning of the effort they will need for the best academic results. In the first year, each student is assigned a teacher who will guide him/her on administrative questions and the time management mainly.

Coordinator of the Grade

Professor who works to promote coherence and balance between the subjects and the workloads of the students.

Resources for guidance and support of the UCLM

Support services to students with disabilities (SAED)

Provides guidance and support to the students with special needs.

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Psychological service (SAP)

Service for free and confidential counselling to all members of the UCLM: students, teaching and research staff and personnel of administration and services, in order to help the individual to deal with problems of adaptation, emotional, behaviour, of learning…

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University Ombudsman

Is the figure commissioned to defend the rights of all members of the University community (students, teaching staff and administration and services staff) and ensure compliance with the statutes of the University of Castilla La Mancha.

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Scholarships and Grants

The UCLM through the Units of Academic Management at Campus (UGAC) manages the major scholarships and annual grants, both own and from other agencies: ministries, community of Castilla La Mancha, international organizations and other entities. Also, it publishes and disseminates those scholarships and grants of interest to students and graduates. Throughout the course, students are given information on them through the different channels of communication which have been established.

Orientation and Employability

UCLM, through the Center of Information and Promotion of Employment (CIPE), organizes conferences, workshops and various activities aimed to support and guide the student in search of employment, to improve their employability and to promote employment. The University has a bag of employment – a platform available to companies and graduates – where institutions can make their selection processes.

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Technological and academic resources

Learn languages in the Campus

To graduate it is necessary for students to prove any language level B1. For this reason, the UCLM facilitates obtaining this certification through language courses.

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University Library

Borrow books, magazines, movies, computers or book group study rooms

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Virtual Campus

All subjects in grades have a web space on Virtual Campus opened to students, where teachers share materials, open discussion forums or set deadlines for the digital delivery of tasks.

Virtual Secretary

Virtual Secretary service provides services of consultation and academic management services in a customized and secure form from any computer with Internet access. To use the service, the student must have the user ID provided in the registration.

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ICT Services

From access to your e-mail to the use of the e-learning platform Virtual Campus, using Eduroam, through obtaining academic software and access to a large number of ICT services. All of this using UCLM’s infrastructure and its institutional support.

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Transversal Competences Classroom

It is an organized set of online courses that are intended to provide a supplementary training in transversal skills of socio-emotional character, which will be useful in the personal, academic and professional fields.

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