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Students’ Delegation



School of Economic and Business Sciences

Student’s Delegation

The Students’ Delegation at the School of Economic and Business Sciences is responsible for coordinating and channeling the representation of the students of the School. It consists of 32 delegates and subdelegates, elected annually during the last week of October.

  • They constitute the ordinary liaison between the students and the professorship and between the students and the Deanery.
  • They collaborate with the Deanery in the preparation of the timetable of examinations and schedules, the dissemination of information and other matters of interest to the centre.
  • Organizes and collaborates in cultural, sporting and leisure activities.

Students’ Delegation 2018-2019 course

Centre’s Delegate

  • Marcos Carchano Alcaraz

Subdelegate of Business Administration

  • Marta García Haro

Subdelegate of Economics

  • Lucía Bascuñana Gallego

Subdelegate Double Degree Economics-Law

  • Sonia García Moreno


  • Lucía Bascuñana Gallego


  • Carlos López-Guirado Pérez

Spokesperson for events and activities

  • Eduardo Rodríguez Bru


First floor at Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences. Wednesday and Thursday from 10 to 12 pm

By email: