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Final Year Dissertation



Final Year Dissertation


The Final Year Dissertation (known by its acronym in Spanish: TFG) assumes the completion by the student of a project, memory or original study under the supervision of one or more directors, in which they integrate and develop the received training contents, capacities, skills and abilities acquired during the teaching period of the Degree in Economics and the Degree in Business Administration and Management.

The objective of the TFG is the accreditation by the student of the knowledge and skills acquired during undergraduate studies, through the preparation, presentation and defense of an original work focused on a topic addressed throughout the studies of the Degree, the execution of this work must be justified due to its scientific, business or economic relevance. The TFG is conceived as the culmination of the academic effort of the student in the training acquired in the Degree.


Dates of deposit of TFG and public defense during the course 2018-2019


Special Examination for Completion of Studies in February 2019

February 12, 13 and 14, 2019.

Publication of date, place and time for defenses
February 15, 2019

Days of defenses
February 21 and 22, 2019


Announcement Ordinary Examination of June 2019

June 18 and 19, 2019.

Publication of date, place and time for defenses
June 21, 2019.

Days of defenses
June 27 and 28, 2019.


Announcement of Extraordinary Examination of July 2019

July 11 and 12, 2019.

Publication of date, place and time for defenses
July 15, 2019.

Days of defenses
July 22 and 23, 2019.


“Economists Association of Albacete” for Final Year Dissertations

The Economists Association of Albacete calls an award and 2 runner-up prizes for the Final Year Dissertation defended during the year 2018/19 at the School of Economics and Business Administration of the UCLM-Campus of Albacete, for all students of those grades that are enabled to be members of the Association: Economy (also the Double Degree with Law) and Business Administration and Management.

The deadline for applications -with the application form included in the document “Terms and Conditions of the award”- is 10th of September. Applications will be sent in PDF format to Information as requested by the Economists Association is:

  • Copy of the Final Year Dissertation.
  • Identity card of the student.
  • Application form included in the “Terms and Conditions document” for the award.

After receiving the list of applications from the Economists Association, the School of Economics and Business Administration will send between five and ten Final Year Dissertations to the former institution. The mechanism that has enabled the School for sending the Final Year Dissertations is as follows:

The Commission of Final Year Dissertations -formed by the Coordinators of the different Degrees, the Vice-Dean for Academic Planning and Students and the Vice-Dean of Quality- will sent to the Dean the best Final Year Dissertations(between 5 and 10) within those who have been proposed for “Sobresaliente” (Outstanding) grade and “Matrícula de Honor” (Honours) grade in the three calls for defense (January, June, and July). The Dean will give the go-ahead to the selection before sending them to the Economists Association of Albacete.

The Comission will evaluate and select projects presented based on the following criteria:

  1. That the work is original and unpublished, as well as represent a certain breakthrough within the domain of knowledge of the study.
  1. Academic quality valued in aspects such as the review of previous literature, methodology or proper cohesion between parts of the work, among others.
  2. Impact of the work on the economic and social development measured through contributions of the Final Year Dissertation in these aspects.
  3. The quality of the presentation.

The deadline for the Comission’s resolution will be September 11th and before September 20th the Dean will forward to the Economists Association of Albacete the list of Final Year Dissertations to be considered for the award. Award-winning nominations will be announced by the jury before the ceremony of graduation of the School of Economics and Business Administration (11th of October of 2019).

Find out more

in our Guiding Seminar for the completion of the Final Year Dissertation

Seminar providing methodological guidelines necessary for the accomplishment of the Final Year Dissertation (TFG).

The objective of this seminar is to guide students on common issues, such as defining key questions, methodology, sources to be used in data collection, bibliographic resources, typology, structure and defense of the TFG, as well as advanced use of computer tools for the preparation of their work.

ECTS credits
1 ECTS credit


    • 1.1. Regulations on the preparation and defense of the TFG
    • 1.2. Writing and style of the TFG
    • 2.1. Academic work
    • 2.2. Business plan
    • 2.3. Work derived from internships in companies
    • 3.1. Basic use of office for the preparation of the TFG (MS Word, MS PowerPoint)
    • 3.2. Search for resources in the UCLM online library
    • 4.1. Oral defense of the TFG: guidelines for effective communication

Master classes where the aforementioned contents are exposed.
Autonomous work of the student. Preparation of a report to be delivered to the tutor. In this report, the following aspects must be collected: a) the title of the work, b) a justification of the selected type of TFG, c) an index (provisional) of the points to be developed in the work, d) a correct incorporation of 3 or 4 bibliographical references.

Hours of work and evidence
Face-to-face attendance to the Guiding 10 hours
Autonomous work by the student 15 hours
Documentation Accreditation of attendance and memory to be delivered to the tutor