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Research groups

You can check here the research groups of the UCLM within the field Social and Law Sciences and the Socioeconomic area.

The following research groups are led or trained by the Center’s faculty, click on them on the link page to get more information.

Social and Legal Sciences – Socioeconomic
– Economic Activity, Entrepreneurial Activity and Economic Policy
– Spanish and International Economy
– Public Economy and Territorial Development
– Social Economy and Employment
– Economy, Food and Society
– Education, Gender, Labor and Society in Castilla La Mancha
– Environmental Interdisciplinary Team and Management
– Intellectual Capital Group
– Research Group on Energy and Environmental Economics
– Research Group on Innovation, Competitiveness and Networks
– Research Group on Applied Statistics and Classification Techniques (GITECA)
– Grupo Vitoria for Economic and Social Research
– Socio-economic Research on Functional Diversity
– Marketing and New Technologies of Information and Communication
– Financial markets
– Observatory of Innovation in Commercial Distribution
– External and Internal Information Systems of Organizations: Corporate and Management Information
– Strategy, Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Family Business (SITEFB)

Social and Legal Sciences – Environment
– Law, Economy and Water Management