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AUDIT Certificate

Quality Assurance Systems

The School of Economics and Business Sciences of Albacete (UCLM) has been awarded the AUDIT quality seal.

In order to meet these quality standards an Internal Quality Assurance System Manual and a set of procedures were prepared, on which our achievements in quality are based.

This section presents the principal procedures with which the Faculty aims to achieve the end objective: Quality.

Certification of Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) based on the AUDIT procedure by ANECA.

Quality Coordination

Internal Quality Assurance Commission

Commission Members

  • Quality Coordinator: Ángela Triguero Cano
  • Dean and President: Carmen Córcoles Fuentes
  • Teaching Unit Head: Elisa Amo Saus

Coordinator for each Degree:

  • BAM : Yolanda Ramírez Córcoles
  • Economics: Noelia García Rubio
  • Economics-Law: Elisa Amo Saus
  • Master Degree in Consulting and Tax and Financial Advisory Services: Ángel Tejada Ponce
  • Master Degree in Sustainable Growth and Development: Nuria Gómez Sanz


  • BAM Degree: Marta García Haro
  • Economics Degree: María Vallejo Viejo
  • Economics-Law Degree: Irene Rodríguez Vázquez
  • Master Degree in Consulting and Tax and Financial Advisory Services: Andrea Bermúdez Domínguez
  • Master Degree in Sustainable Growth and Development: Marcos Carchano Alcaraz
  • Administrative Secretary of the Committee: Casto Verdejo Cambronero

Please click here to see the published Acts.

Evaluation Group (Faculty)

  • Carmen Córcoles Fuentes
  • Ángela Triguero Cano
  • Elisa Amo Saus
  • Rosario Pérez Morote
  • Mª Ángeles Tobarra Gómez
  • Inmaculada Carrasco Monteagudo

Course Coordinators

  • Coordinadora de ADE: Yolanda Ramírez Córcoles
  • 1º ADE: María González Pérez
  • 2º ADE: Jorge E. Zafrilla Rodríguez
  • 3º ADE: Mª Encarnación Andrés Martínez
  • 4º ADE: Juan J. Jiménez Moreno
  • Coordinadora de ECO: Noelia García Rubio
  • 1º ECO: Mar López Pérez
  • 2º ECO: Mª Lourdes Moreno Mondéjar
  • 3º ECO: Victor R. López Ruiz
  • 4º ECO: Fransco Escribano Sotos
  • Coordinador de DG: Elisa Amo Saus
  • 1º DG: Mar López Pérez
  • 2º DG: Mª Lourdes Moreno Mondéjar
  • 3º DG: Mª Carmen Cuerva Narro
  • 4º DG: Carlos Álvarez Aledo
  • 5º DG: Víctor Raúl López Ruiz
  • 6º DG: Elisa Amo Saus

Quality Training

The School of Economics and Business Administration of Albacete is certified by ANECA using established protocols to assure the quality of training.


The National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA) is a Autonomous Body whose aim is to provide external quality assurance for the Spanish Higher Education System and to contribute to its constant improvement through evaluation, certification and accreditation of official university degrees, researching teaching staff and institutions.