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Boards for Evaluation and Exams’ Review

Board of examiners- Department of Economic Analysis and Finance

  • Mª Ángeles Cadarso Vecina (President)
  • Gonzalo García-Donato Layrón (Member)
  • Raquel López García (Secretary)
    • Elisa Amo Saus (Subsitute President)
    • Luis Antonio López Santiago (Substitute Member)
    • Ana María Escribano López (Substitute Secretary)

Board of examiners- Department of Business Administration

  • Francisco José Sáez Martínez (President)
  • Ángel Tejada Ponce (Member)
  • Carlota Lorenzo Romero (Secretary)
    • Mª José Ruiz Ortega (Substitute President)
    • Yolanda Ramírez Córcoles (Substitute Member)
    • Mª Encarnación Andrés Martínez (Substitute Secretary)

Board of Examiners- Department of Political Economy and Public Finance, Economic Policy and Business Statistics

  • Antonio Olaya Iniesta (President)
  • Gregorio López Sanz (Member)
  • Manuel Vargas Vargas (Secretary)
    • Mª Gabriela Lagos Rodríguez (Substitute President)
    • Noelia García Rubio (Substitute Member)
    • Mª Soledad Castaño Martínez (Substitute Secretary)

Board of Examiners- Deparment of Spanish and International Economy, Econometrics and History and Economic Institutions

  • Carlos Álvarez Aledo (President)
  • Lidia Anes Fernández (Member)
  • Víctor Raúl López Ruiz (Secretary)
    • María Ángeles Davia Rodríguez (Substitute President)
    • María del Mar López Pérez (Substitute member)
    • María José Calderón Milán (Substitute Secretary)

Review Board*

  • Juan J. Jiménez Moreno (President)
  • Carlos Álvarez Aledo
  • Miguel Ángel Gómez Borja
  • Matías Gámez Martínez (Secretary)

Substitute members within the Review Board

  • Francisco Escribano Sotos (President)
  • Lidia Anes Fernández
  • Isabel Pardo García
  • Elisa Amo Saus (Secretary)

*This Board will seek advice from professors when it deems appropriate

Credit recognition Committee


  • Mª Pilar Sánchez González (President)
  • José Baños Torres
  • Matías Gámez Martínez
  • Francisco Escribano Sotos (Secretary)


  • Inmaculada Carrasco Monteagudo
  • Elisa Amo Saus

The Committee could seek advice to expert professors in the topics subject to recognition. The Recognition Commission meetings are usually in September to solve the regular recognition applications but they meet in case there are academic records for analysis of recognitions that can not be delayed.

Internships Committee


  • Nuria Gómez Sanz
  • Esteban Alfaro Cortés
  • Elisa Amo Saus
  • José Baños Torres
  • Carmen Córcoles Fuentes
  • Francisco Escribano Sotos
  • Miguel Ángel Gómez Borja
  • María del Mar López Pérez
  • Fabio Monsalve Serrano
  • Isabel Pardo García
  • Rosario Pérez Morote
  • Yolanda Ramírez Córcoles
  • Ángel Tejada Ponce
  • Ángela Triguero Cano
  • Jorge Zafrilla Rodríguez

Final Degree Project Committee


  • Nuria Gómez Sanz
  • Elisa Amo Saus
  • Francisco Jareño Cebrián
  • Yolanda Ramírez Córcoles
  • Angela Triguero Cano

Extraordinary Bachelor and Master Awards Committee


  • Francisco Escribano Sotos (Dean)


  • Mª Pilar Sánchez González (Academic Secretary)


  • Fabio Monsalve Serrano (Teacher)
  • Casto Verdejo Cambronero (PAS)
  • Ana Blesa Cuenca (Student)

Center’s Promotion Committee


  • Ángela Triguero Cano
  • Antonio Olaya Iniesta
  • Carlota Lorenzo Romero
  • Elisa Amo Saus
  • Encarnación Andrés Martínez
  • Esteban Alfaro Cortés
  • Fran Jareño Cebrián
  • José Luis Alfaro Navarro
  • María de la O González
  • Miguel Pardo Pardo
  • Yolanda Ramírez Córcoles

Degree Committee


  • Dean


  • Grade Coordinator
  • Quality Coordinator
  • One member from each Department with teaching in the Faculty (Basic Subjects). These members will be proposed by the Department and ratified by the Faculty Board
  • A student from the Faculty Board

Internal Quality Assurance Committee

Quality Coordinator

  • Ángela Triguero Cano

Dean and President

Francisco Escribano Sotos

Teaching Unit Head

  • Elisa Amo Saus

Coordinator for each Degree

  • Business Administration: Elisa Amo Saus
  • Economics: Víctor Raúl López Ruiz
  • Economics-Law: Carmen Córcoles Fuentes
  • Master’s Degree in Consulting and Tax and Financial Advisory Services: Ángel Tejada Ponce
  • Master´s Degree in Sustainable Growth and Development: Carmen Selva Sevilla


  • BAM Degree: Marc Gastón Hernández
  • Economics Degree: Ismael Pérez Gómez
  • Economics-Law Double Degree: Irene Rodríguez Vázquez
  • Master’s Degree in Consulting and Tax and Financial Advisory Services: Rosa María Cañaveras Perea
  • Master’s Degree in Sustainable Growth and Development: Antonio Navalón Ruano

Administrative Secretary of the Committee

  • Casto Verdejo Cambronero

External Experts Committee

  • Professionals in Economics and Business Administration representing:
    • City Council
    • Provincial Council
    • Regional Public Administration
    • National Public Administration
  • 5 entrepreneurs or experts that collaborate with the School on behalf of professional and business associations.