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Career Opportunities



Career Opportunities

Economics and Business Administration studies are among the five grades with the highest degree of employment insertion. In addition, the students of those degrees occupy the first positions with respect to the skills to work in multidisciplinary environments (2nd place); to learn, adapt to change and demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills (3rd place), and in terms of being flexible to adapt to the competencies demanded by the firms (10th place) in the ranking of Spanish universities (source: Everis Foundation).

Students can work in any area of the private enterprise and the public administrations and also on their own account:


  • Economist, economic-financial analyst in national and international organizations

Economics and Business Administration

  • Tax inspector, State intervention bodies, State commercial technician, Local development agent, Appraiser, Real Estate Registrar
  • Insurance Actuary, Administrator of Real Estates, Stock and Exchange Broker, Trade Broker
  • Risk analyst, Broker, Financial and Tax Advisor
  • Teacher of secondary and higher education, Trainer in companies, Researcher
  • Forensic economist (bankruptcy administration, mediation)
  • Senior Technician in Labour Risk Prevention


  • Business manager, Personnel Director, Production Manager, Financial Manager, Commercial Director, Market Analyst, Export and Import Director
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Business Consulting, Administrative Agency
  • Controller, Auditor and chartered accountant, Accounting expert

For more information on training to improve employability and employment opportunities, please contact the information and Promotion Centre for Employment (CIPE)

More Information

Tutorial Action Plan at FCEE

Date Action Recipients Place / Room Hour
14th Sept 2018 Welcome Day
Presentation of the FCEE, its degrees and the services of the UCLM
1st year students Aula Magna 08:15 - 14:00
27th-28th Sept 2018 Specialization Seminar "Our graduates 25 years later: Professional prospects in economics and business" Todos los estudiantes Aula Magna 27th: 15:30 - 21:00
28th: 08:30 - 14:30
5th Oct 2018 Workshop- Specialization Seminar "Our graduates 25 years later: Professional prospects in economics and business" Registered students Aula Magna Morning
October 2018 Assignment of personal Tutors 1st year students    
November 2018 Presentation of the College of Economists 4th year students    
November 2018, 10 Dic Presentation of Erasmus Program 2th and 4th year students Aula 7 10:00 - 11:00
December 2018 FCEE Cultural Week
(Presentations on digital transformation and blockchain among other topics)
Presentation of FCEE’s masters
All students, especially those at 4th year Salón de Actos
Aula 8
12D - 10:00 - 11:15
December 2018 Presentation on Competitive Examinations for the State to work in different positions 4th year students and 5th year students of the Double Grade    
February 2019 Workshop on Final Year Dissertation and Internships 4th year students    
March 2019 Orientation meeting: Electives, Internships, Final Year Dissertation 3th year students    
7th April 2019 Open doors day Pre-university students