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· Bachelor Degree in Economics and Law ·


Students in an incoming mobility program can benefit from English Friendly subjects (those signalled with EF*). In these subjects, the lecturers will facilitate the students the program, materials, bibliography and tutorials in English to help them pass the subject.

Code Subjects ECTS
1st Course
35300 History of law (Historia del Derecho) 6
35301 Roman Law (Derecho Romano) 6
35302 Theory of Law (Teoría del Derecho) 9
35303 Constitutional Law I (Derecho Constitucional I) 9
53301 [EF*] World Economic History (Historia Económica Mundial) 6
53303 Principles of Economics (Introducción a la Economía) 9
53304 Mathematics for Economics I (Matemáticas I para la Economía) 9
53306 Statistics for Economics (Estadística Económica) 6
53307 [EF*] Principles of Applied Economics (Principios de Economía Aplicada) 6
53308 Spanish Economic History (Historia Económica de España) 6
Total ECTS credits 72
2nd Course
35304 Administrative Law I (Derecho Administrativo I) 9
35305 Criminal Law I (Derecho Penal I) 9
35307 Civil Law I (Derecho Civil I) 6
35311 Public Internaticonal Law (Derecho Internacional Público) 9
53300 Basic Acounting I (Contabilidad General I) 6
53305 Basic Accounting II (Contabilidad General II) 6
53309 Mathematics for Economics II (Matemáticas II para la Economía) 6
53311 International Economics (Economía Mundial) 6
53313 Intermediate Microeconomics (Microeconomía Intermedia) 9
53316 Public Economics I (Economía Pública I) 6
Total ECTS credits 72
3rd Course
35308 Constitutional Law II (Derecho Constitucional II) 6
35309 Civil Law II (Derecho Civil II) 6
35313 Criminal Law II (Derecho Penal II) 6
35314 Administrative Law II (Derecho Administrativo II) 6
35315 Commercial Law I (Derecho Mercantil I) 9
53310 Principles of Management and Marketing (Fundamentos de Dirección y Marketing) 9
53312 [EF*] Economics of European Union (Economía de la Unión Europea) 9
53314 Intermediate Macroeconomics (Macroeconomía Intermedia) 9
53315 [EF*] Statistical Inference (Inferencia Estadística) 6
53319 Public Economics II (Economía Pública II) 6
Total ECTS credits 72
4th Course
35310 Procedural Law I (Derecho Procesal I) 9
35312 Tax and Finance Law I (Derecho Financiero y Tributario I) 9
35318 European Union Law (Derecho de la Unión Europea) 6
35319 Civil Law III (Derecho Civil III) 6
35320 Labour Law I (Derecho del Trabajo I) 6
35324 Commercial Law II (Derecho Mercantil II) 6
35325 Labour Law II (Derecho del Trabajo II) 6
53318 Spanish Economics (Economía Española) 6
53320 [EF*] Economic Policy I (Política Económica I) 6
53321 Advanced Microeconomics (Microeconomía Avanzada) 6
53323 International Trade and Global Financial Markets (Comercio y Mercados Financieros Internacionales) 6
Total ECTS credits 72
5th Course
35316 Ecclesiastical Law (Derecho Eclesiástico) 6
35317 Procedural Law II (Derecho Procesal II) 6
35321 Private International Law (Derecho Internacional Privado) 6
35322 Tax and Finance Law II (Derecho Financiero y Tributario II) 6
35323 Civl Law IV (Derecho Civil IV) 6
53317 [EF*] Introduction to Econometrics (Introducción a la Econometría) 6
53322 [EF*] Econometric Methods and Modelling (Métodos y Modelos Econométricos) 6
53325 [EF*] Economic Policy II (Política Económica II) 6
53326 Advanced Macroeconomics (Macroeconomía Avanzada) 6
53327 [EF*] Financial Management (Dirección Financiera) 6
Total ECTS credits 60
6th Course
35399 Dissertation (Trabajos Fin de Grado) 12+6
53328 External Practical Training (Prácticas externas) 12
Electives (Optativas) 0
Total ECTS credits 30


This new double degree project does not involve the design of a new study plan. It is a specific curricular path resulting in being awarded degrees in both Economics and Law. The approved degree specifications have not been modified for either degree course.

Students completing this double curriculum will acquire the general and specific skills from the degrees in Law and Economics (please, see information regarding Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Bachelor’s Degree in Law).