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About FCEE

We highlight the following advantages for your training


We are committed to quality through the UCLM Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) and the work of the Centre's Quality Assurance Commission.

Internships in companies

We develop an important work to encourage practical training in companies and institutions of all our students, favoring their approach to the professional environment and first job.


We offer and manage the mobility of our students and receive international students every semester, allowing students to enjoy the experience of a period of mobility in a country other than yours with their corresponding academic recognition.

Study and enjoy a unique experience

Why you should consider to be formed here?

The School offers you the possibility to study different degrees and postgraduate courses in the city of Albacete. Since 1989, the center has been training professionals that now hold public and private positions of relevance in the field of Economics and Business Administration at national and international level.

We invite you to know us and form part of our project.

  • Attention to the student (reception days, basic level courses, personalized tutoring).
  • Practical and flexible training to adapt to new business and social demands.
  • Advanced audiovisual media in constant renovation.
  • Extensive program of internships in companies (agreements with companies such as Caja Rural de CLM, Globalcaja, Arcos and Eurocopter, among others and under the supervision of a tutor).
  • Numerous agreements with Spanish universities (scholarships SICUE and SENECA), European (ERASMUS scholarships) and other countries of the world (bilateral agreements).
  • Teaching team with experience and in continuous training in teaching innovation (cooperative learning, group work, etc.).
  • Benefits of the services that the UCLM makes available to the student (libraries, loan of laptops, network WIFI from any point of the campus, Network of Professors for Entrepreneurship).


If something should be highlighted, among many other things, it is the personal treatment and teaching quality of the professors at the Faculty. They manage to facilitate the students’ objectives regarding the acquisition of competencies and values, increasing his/her desire to learn and promoting his/her critical capacity.

Jaime Algaba

With the support and the opportunity offered by the internships program of the Degree in Economy I got my first work in the sector of accounting and tax consultancy. The professors at the Degree in Economics have a great academic and personal quality and it is one of its main sources of added value.

Ángel R. Sánchez

The professors are quite good and have a personal treatment, although there are some subjects difficult to follow because of their complexity. Beyond the academic field, I would emphasize the desirability of studying in Albacete in terms of the administration and organization of daily life, having leisure areas with affordable prices for all budgets.

David Andújar

This School is giving me an academic and human education, thanks to the daily contact with colleagues and professors. I would emphasize, therefore, the personal and human treatment of the professors that makes you feel in a familiar environment. The academic training is of quality, with many tutorials that allow you to solve possible doubts.

Roque Martínez

In this School I was taught to choose my way, to prepare myself to face it and to give my best in every new stage. My professional life will always be marked by the values of effort, teamwork and motivation that I learned every day during five years and two degrees.

Sandra Esteve

The university not only gives you training to practise a profession, but it allows you to acquire values in an integral way to thrive in all areas of your life. Of the School I would highlight the personal treatment of professors. In addition, it is at the forefront of technology, establishing exhaustive quality plans that place the studies in the foreground at the national level.

Carlos Cano

My time at FCEE-Albacete helped me to establish a solid foundation, not only in terms of knowledge but in the way of working and thinking. The invaluable help of professors was an essential element in the orientation of my career.

Carlos Marín

Without a doubt, my years as a university student have been the best of my life, not only for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, but also for the excellent colleagues and professors that I have known and who are role models for me. Thanks to my university stage I think more analytically and more securely, without losing the spontaneity that keeps us young.

Fran Serrano

The Degree in Economics fully fulfilled my expectations for acquiring knowledge and skills, thanks to the closeness of the professors and the efficiency of the teaching and learning methods applied. It has been an amazing experience and I would like to encourage everyone to study here, as their degrees are very dynamic and allow to open many doors within the professional career.

Loredana Negrut

I would highlight the concern, support and understanding conveyed by my professors, the fact that many colleagues turned into friends and the effort to instill an entrepreneurial attitude in some of the subjects. Thanks to all that, today I can flaunt to work on what I like.

María Rubio

With my training at the UCLM I have acquired a solid knowledge in the world of Economics, Business and Finance, and I have developed habits such as organization and skills such as critical thinking or teamwork that have opened many doors in my career.

Juanjo Martínez Lería

The School of Economics at Albacete is giving me the opportunity to receive quality training near home. Besides, there is a personal treatment on the part of professors.

Josema Parreño

From my time in the FCEE School and the Degree of Economics, I would highlight the possibility of participating in mobility programs (studies and internships). Thanks to this I was able to join the laboral market and start my professional career abroad.

Jessica Navarro

Studying the Degree of Economics in this School has allowed me to acquire the essential notions of economics in a dynamic, innovative and updated center. I recommend the program to anyone really interested in starting a professional career in the field of Economics.

David Tercero

The School has increased my interest in economy, as the themes and debates that are generated are timeliness.

Sonia García