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My name is Llanos and I chose the Università degli Studi di Firenze (in Florence, Italy) to enjoy my five-month Erasmus+ scholarship.

I chose the city of Florence, first of all, for its artistic richness. Florence is a small town, but historically and artistically, amazing. I also chose this city to learn Italian.

My stay in Florence has brought me a good training in the italian language, which I hope will improve my curriculum. On a personal level, living in a small and chaotic city like Florence (as it is all Italy!) has changed my way of seeing life, I learned to play down the obstacles and ultimately, has made me fall in love, forever, with the beautiful Italy.

Llanos Enguídanos del Campo


I chose Spain as a country for Erasmus because it was the farthest country from mine and in that case it has inspired my interest in something new and unfamiliar. The real word is confronting a challenge of new experiences. UCLM in Albacete was my only option in Spain with whom my college had a contract, but in this case I saw it as an opportunity of knowing a city and a university that is not so well known overworld and I would give it a chance. My staying here has contributed to my improvement of Spanish and my business English with regards to the marketing area. I made a lot of memories and warm friendships (for lifetime) both with ERASMUS students  and with local Spanish students.  My ERASMUS experience will stay in happy and really positive memory and, therefore, I’m hoping that some other exchange or personal trip will bring me back to Spain, i.e Albacete, to refresh my deepest exciting memories. Great thanks to all people I met and who made this four months happy times, also  thanks to professors who gave their best to help me with classes, exams, and my orientation on university at the beginning.

Andrijana Saric (Polythecnic of Sibenik, Croatia).


Hello, I am José Ángel Cano, student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences within the UCLM in Albacete Campus. I am now finishing my Erasmus stay at the University of Bologna (campus and city of Forlí in Italy).  It is not a very big city, but it is well situated to travel around Italy in order to visit other cities. I am very happy at the university and I have enjoyed meeting so many people. I encourage all students to live this adventure, because it is very enriching in all aspects of life.