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As Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences and in name of all faculty members, I am honoured to welcome all of those interested in our institution.
The Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences was founded in 1989. We offer degree courses in Economics and Business Administration and Management. We are the only one of the various campuses of the University of Castilla La Mancha which offers the second of these degrees. Furthermore, as of the academic year 2013-2014 we offer a double degree in Economics and Law.
With regard to postgraduate qualifications we also offer official master's degrees in Financial and Tax Consultancy, Sustainable Growth and Development, International Economics, Labour Relations and in Strategy and Marketing. We are also able to offer another series of master's degrees in subjects such as Financial Organizations, International Trade, Business Intelligence or Electronic Trading.
The faculty is made possible by the enthusiasm and commitment of the lecturers, administration and services staff and the professionals, companies and organizations which collaborate with us, but above all it is these qualities in the students themselves which motivate us.
Our fundamental objective is to offer students comprehensive training which will enable them to work efficiently and effectively in their professions, as well as instilling them with a strong sense of social commitment.
Our aim is to provide students not only with technical knowledge but also with a system of values.
We aim to develop their personality and enhance the habits, competences and skills demanded by the labour market.
Our study programmes are flexible and we attempt to introduce perspectives and changes in line with new demands from the business world and society.
The Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences is a clear example of the effort made by the University of Castilla La Mancha since its creation to offer high quality university training in a public institution.
Meeting this objective obliges all those involved; the teaching and research staff and the administration and services staff, to work in a spirit of continuous improvement as part of a quality management system, which means we develop a continuous process of monitoring, improvement and review of results.
This problems does not only make demands of the lecturers and administration and services staff but it also requires a high level of dedication and effort from students, whose contribution will be key to fulfilling the objectives proposed.
Finally we hope our website will provide you with clear information of interest to both students and teaching staff, simplifying and streamlining any administrative procedures to be undertaken. We also hope it acts a channel of communication and continuous improvement of all aspects of the faculty.




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