The University of Castilla -La Mancha has acquired a strong international presence, thanks to the pre- designed strategy that has allowed foreign relations have grown quickly. At the same time, we have developed internal mechanisms that have improved the internal management processes. At this point, it should be emphasized the large number of agreements that have been signed with universities around the world. This network of agreements makes up the network that allows various actions such as student exchanges.

The international strategy is designed for participation of all UCLM schools and colleges and it has a considerable geographic diversity, but the geographic areas that are most represented are Europe and Latin America. Important results have been achieved within the mobility programs involving faculty, researchers and students. The number of exchange students continues to grow substantially year-by-year, which requires us to dedicate a special effort in managing and structuring our international relations office that receive and care for foreign students.

For more information about international relations at the University of Castilla-La Mancha check the International Relations Office (IRO) page.


More information at:

Mobility Coordinator

Noelia García Rubio  
Plaza de la Universidad, nº 1. 02071.- Albacete
Tel.: 967599200 Ext: 2176



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