Degree General Information

Double Degree in Economics and Law

The University of Castilla La Mancha has decided to offer the possibility of studying a double bachelor's degree in Economics and Law at the Albacete Campus.

This initiative responds to the high level of interest of future students in acquiring a double degree. This is a result of the increasingly globalised and competitive environment in which companies and institutions demand more and more professionals with multidisciplinary knowledge and especially skills in the areas of law and economics.

Number of credits: 378 ECTS

Basic training: 108

Mandatory: 240

Work placement + Optional: 12

Final project:   12 + 6

General Objective

The primary objective of the Double Degree in Economics and Law responds to the need for professionals who are able to provide consulting, management and assessment services regarding the different economic and legal issues involved in organizations in the public administration and organizations in the private sector (companies, domestic economies, associations).

The justification for the double degree in Economics and Law is based primarily on the importance of the two disciplines, both separately and conjointly, in understanding the workings of markets, the state, other institutions and society in general (see justification of both degrees).

Entry profile

The profile of new students corresponds to the profiles considered most appropriate for both degrees. However, a solid grasp of logical, abstract and critical reasoning skills will help improve the learning process of subjects in both disciplines.



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