Degree General Information

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management

The aim of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE) from the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences in Albacete is to train professionals who will be capable of working in the management, consultancy and evaluation of any type of public or private or profit or non-profit  organization. The Bachelor's Degree in Administration and Management provides scientific and professional training in the basic and applied aspects of business economics, business organisation and management which are key to managing businesses with the maximum profitability and efficiency and the greatest possible commitment to society, community and sustainability.

Graduates in Business Administration and Management will be able to operate in the general field of organization or in any of its functional areas: production, human resources, financing, marketing, investment, administration or accountancy. During their time at the university students will acquire the skills needed to identify and anticipate opportunities, understand different market and commercial strategies, assign resources efficiently and effectively, understand reports and documents related to company financial management, organize information, select and motivate people, make decisions, achieve proposed objectives and assess results.

The increasing complexity of the business world requires specific qualifications for directing, managing and controlling the different functional and organizational areas which comprise a business. The importance of businesses in the economy of a country and the growing need for qualified professionals facilitate access to the employment market for graduates in Business Administration and Management.

General Objective

The objective of the Administration and Business Management degree is to train professionals and experts in the knowledge and the use of processes, procedures and practices employed in organizations. This general objective involves considering the interrelations between different parts of the organization and its relationship with the surrounding area.

Number of credits: 240 ECTS

Basic Training: 60

Mandatory: 126

Optional: 30

Work Placement: 12

Final Project: 12

This degree will provide students with comprehensive training which prepares them both to set up their own business and carry out a wide range of management functions in companies and public and private institutions. New students should be interested in business, economics, companies and social issues, which will enhance their motivation and adaptation to the degree programme and the new teaching-learning process.

Future students should be aware they will receive high quality training which will require them to demonstrate responsibility and a positive attitude towards learning, change and innovation.

Students may enter this degree programme via the following access routes: Science and Technology, Social Sciences or Health Sciences, Apart from the core knowledge acquired in the High School Diploma (Bachillerato) or equivalent, a foundation in mathematics and/or numerical reasoning is recommended. New students should also possess a capacity for analysis and logical and abstract reasoning which allows them to understand situations and suggest the solutions and initiatives needed for problem solving.

Students will receive an education oriented towards providing a series of new competences and capacities. It will also facilitate the development of the skills they already possess, and will enhance and develop the previously-mentioned skills throughout the whole the degree programme.

Recommended profile

As set out in article 14 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 in order to gain Access to this degree programme students must hold a High School Diploma (Bachillerato) or equivalent diploma and must have passed the entry exam described in article 42 of the organic law 6/2001 on universities, amended by law 4/2007 of 12 April, notwithstanding the other access routes of access provided for in the current legislation. Any future amendment to the university entrance exams or to the royal decree regulating university access will be used as a basis to establish access routes, taking into account the subjects studied and assessed in the High School Diploma (Bachillerato) which are related to the contents of the degree programme.

The following access routes are also valid:

Higher Vocational Certificate or equivalent certificate in a subject area related to the contents of the degree programme.

University graduatesEntrance exams for students over the age of 25

Equivalent certificates

DegreeAccess RoutesHigher Vocational Certificates
EconomicsScience and Technology Social Sciences and Health Sciences Administration and Finance Secretarial Sciences International Trade and Commercial Management Transport Management Consumer Services
Access requirements

There are no special access criteria other than those related to the limits of number of places and those criteria established in the current regulations regarding access to university studies.



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